5 Things I Learned at “YouTube Camp”

Last summer, YouTube asked Hilah and I if we wanted to take part in a top-secret program. The program involved three trips to LA to go to workshops and shoot collaboration videos with other YouTubers at YouTube Space LA. It sounded like summer camp for internet video creators. Of course, we said yes. I’ve alluded […]

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Yoga With Adriene – Progress Update

It’s been a little over a year since we launched Yoga With Adriene. I figured it was time to finally update you on how things are going. Right now we’ve got almost 40,000 YouTube subscribers and our daily video views are consistent and trending upwards. Our email list is healthy and growing (despite a lot […]

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YouTube Space LA cinematography workshop

2013 – My Year in Review

After an incredibly busy year of non-stop travel and work, my body has finally succumbed to some kind of virus. So, I’ve been drinking glasses of effervescent cold/flu medicine and slowly but surely wrapping up the last bits of work for the year. We’re launching the first Yoga With Adriene product on January 2nd so […]

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How To Integrate Google+ With Your YouTube Channel

UPDATED: This post has generated a ton of feedback and I’ve tried to respond to all of it. There may be some minor differences between your control panels and what you see in the screen captures. So if you don’t see the setting you’re looking for in the exact location shown in this tutorial, keep […]

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YouTube Tips: OneChannel Trailers, Google Hangouts & More

In the last email newsletter I called for readers to ask me anything about YouTube. I got some really good questions and thought these YouTube Tips might be helpful to others. I’ve omitted the names just to keep everything confidential. Q: Should we go with specially designed intros as our trailer or a short regular […]

youtube seo guide

YouTube SEO Guide

As I’ve already mentioned, YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world, following it’s big brother Google. It might seem like if you rank well in one, you’d rank well in the other, but that’s not the case. I still don’t know why some of our videos rank so well in Google and others […]

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Thoughts on Directing For Web Series

I spend a lot of time (probably way too much) thinking about the difference between directing for film/television and directing for a web series. My background and education is in motion picture and narrative directing. In my previous work, I worked hard to create for the audience something that worked like a “vivid and continuous […]

Travel Gear

Travel Video Gear: Putting Together a Run-and-Gun Travel Video Kit

Since starting up Hilah Cooking, we’ve been very careful about keeping our production costs low. I am a firm believer in low-overhead and zero debt, so we try to keep our gear as minimal as possible. We started out with a camcorder we had laying around and our only real upgrade was gear we won […]