Dancing Midgets and Cowboy Rappers

Apparently I live a sheltered life, because I had no idea that country-rap even existed. But last night I experienced it first hand. Some of you may know I’ve been bartending part time between creative projects. Last night I tended bar at a huge event for some upscale Austin Rodeo organization. I have no idea how many drinks I poured, but I’m guessing it was close to 1000. It was actually a pretty fun time.

There were many surreal moments during the night, but the most surreal was when I noticed I was listening to rap music in a room full of white guys wearing suits and cowboy hats. One of the cocktail waitresses asked me if I had seen the midget. I thought she was crazy, but she pointed to the stage where there was indeed a dancing midget with a furry hat surrounded by UT cheerleaders and a rapping Cowboy.

“I didn’t know cowboys liked rap,” I remarked to the next customer, a wild-eyed lady with big hair.

“It’s not RAP, it’s HICK-hop,” she laughed. “I’ll have another Crown and water, easy on the water!”