How To Build an Audience for a Web Series

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How To Make a Web Series: The Gear

The #1 question people ask me about Hilah Cooking is what kind of gear we use. Since I am a behind-the-scenes guy, I get all the tech … [Read more...]

Introducing: Hilah Cooking!

2010 is going to be the year I do lots of new and different things creatively. 2009 punched me in the face, so I have decided to karate chop … [Read more...]

2009 wrap-up

I guess it's kind of customary for people to write a year-end wrap-up. I'll do my best, but 2009 was an incredibly strange year for me. I … [Read more...]


This is Part 1 of a series and it is going to be longer than I had intended. You've been warned. I get asked about The Spider Babies every … [Read more...]

The Spider Babies is wrapped…

I am working on a much longer post about THE SPIDER BABIES for later this week, but here is a quick update. Principal photography is … [Read more...]

Demons attack!

We just wrapped up shooting for several days at a beautiful ranch in hill country. Here are a few photos. Girls in bikinis and an attacking … [Read more...]

Dancing Midgets and Cowboy Rappers

Apparently I live a sheltered life, because I had no idea that country-rap even existed. But last night I experienced it first hand. Some of … [Read more...]