Alejandro Dominguez – The Dead Explorer

In this week’s episode of the Audio on Video podcast I talk to Alejandro Dominguez – creator and host of the Dead Explorer YouTube channel. Dead Explorer is one of the top channels dedicated to the world of paranormal investigation. It’s just kicked off it’s sixth season after a 9 month hiatus.

I’ve know Alejandro since the early days when we were both getting started on YouTube. His channel at the time was called Alejandro in Austin and featured a grab-bag of different types of videos. When one of his Paranormal investigation videos got a great response, he decided to focus in on that niche and he rebranded as the Dead Explorer channel.

Over its first 5 seasons, Dead Explorer grew to over 36,000 subscribers and over 4 million views and Alejandro has become a superstar in the paranormal investigation community. But about 9 months ago, Alejandro got hit with a serious case of creator burnout and stopped publishing new videos. Now he’s back with a new season, a new strategy and a renewed passion.

Hilah joins us for this interview as we discuss:

  • Ghosts, Spirits and the Paranormal. Is Alejandro really a believer?
  • Creative Burnout. YouTube can become a grind. What do you do when you’ve lost your passion for the videos you’re making.
  • Video Styles. Does an “amateur-ish” style still communicate better on YouTube?
  • Production Companies. Should you start one? What are the advantages?
  • Seasons. I love the idea of “seasons” of shows, but the YouTube algorithm discourages taking a break. We weigh the pros and cons of taking a break.
  • Re-Branding a Channel. Alejandro has made some major changes with Season 6 of his series. We dig into the strategy behind what he’s doing – and why Facebook Video is going to play an increasingly more important role.



Here’s the episode of Dead Explorer that Hilah and I helped out on. It was legitimately spooky!

And the extreme ghost attack discussed in the interview:

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