Hilah Cooking Season 2!

Hilah Cooking Season 2

We are happy to announce that Season 2 of Hilah Cooking is now up and running. Even though it seems like the entire summer was consumed with planning Mouth Party – the vacation was definitely a good thing. We have done lots of thinking about the direction we want to take the show and the website and are completely reinvigorated and ready to go.

The Summer Vacation Experiment

Last spring, after producing 40 episodes, I knew that Hilah and I were both feeling a little burned out. Even though we keep the shows as simple as possible, they still take quite a bit of time to produce. I proposed the idea of a summer break, but I have to admit I was a little nervous about what would happen to our audience if we stopped releasing new stuff.

Interestingly enough, our audience continued to grow even during our break when we were releasing practically zero new content. Hilah posted a few vacation updates and we released a free Breakfast Taco Book, but that was about it. And yet, our mailing list grew, our YouTube subscriber count broke 100 and overall traffic to the site more than doubled. I spent a lot of time making a demographics page and it was out of date almost as soon as I put it up.

If you produce a body of work and release it into the world, it will continue to work for you. This doesn’t mean it will translate directly into dollars, but it will build your audience and your brand. So, make sure it’s good and that your work is communicating the message you really want it to communicate.

I feel like with the first season we laid a really good foundation.

Now: we’re going to build on it.

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