Introducing: Hilah Cooking!

2010 is going to be the year I do lots of new and different things creatively. 2009 punched me in the face, so I have decided to karate chop 2010 in the throat. First up, Hilah Cooking – a new internet cooking show starring my good friend Hilah Johnson. The fact that I’m producing a cooking show seems a little weird – even to me. But I am having more fun with this project than anything I’ve worked on in quite a while. It’s definitely a refreshing change of pace from 2009.

Now, let me give you a little back story on this project.  After the big moviefail of 2009, I found myself broke, unemployed, seriously depressed and stranded in Oklahoma City. I knew I wanted to be in Austin and was applying for lots of jobs but without much luck. After a month or two, I finally started to get some interviews. During this time, Hilah was awesome enough to let me stay with her for a few months until I was able to get back in action.

I had a pretty amazing time  and one of the many reasons was that Hilah is a really, really good cook. Not only is she a good cook, she cooks all the time. And I was more than happy to eat whatever she put in front of me. These awesome meals would often lead to – as we call it here in Austin – “porch drinking.” So, one night as we were sitting on the porch drinking Lone Stars or Wild Turkey (or both), we came up with the idea to do an internet cooking show.  And several months later, the show has now launched.

This is an ultra low-budget project show with whatever equipment we could get our hands on. Basically, our gear consists of a rinky-dink camcorder, a $20 wired lavalier mic and a floor lamp from Target.  I’m even editing it on the same old iMac that I edited Sex Machine on. Our plan is to make it as good as we can – and keep on making it. Over time, the technical side of things will evolve. Right now, we’re just having fun and letting the show grow organically.

So, if you like to cook – or are interested in learning more about it – check out Hilah Cooking. It would also be super appreciated if you would subscribe to our YouTube channel or become a fan on Facebook.

I’m really excited to be shooting and editing on a regular basis and had forgotten how much I love it. This is the first major project of 2010, but should tip you off to the fact that I am going to be moving into some new directions creatively. I’ll be writing all about it here.

And here’s episode 2: How to Make Fish Tacos. If you think we’re just joking around, I challenge you to make these tacos. They are really amazing. I ate two of them.

6 Replies to “Introducing: Hilah Cooking!”

  1. Critique: less head bobbing and weaving around (most noticeable at beginning of shows) would be appreciated and look more professional. I’m sure it’s difficult getting used to being in front of a camera and the 2nd episode is better than the 1st. About halfway through 2nd episode, audio became very tinny. Audio is important.

    Kudos: Loads of personality. Your production value is nice — good lighting, cutaways,angles, editing. And I like all that colour.

    Would I check it out again? Yep.

    1. Thanks for the comments. Yeah, halfway through that Fish Taco shoot either our microphone or our camera went haywire and we didn’t realize it until it was too late. There was a super-loud feedback buzz. I cleaned it as best as I could, but at the end of the day, the show’s gotta go on-line. The fish tacos was the last one we did of the first batch, so you are seeing them out of order. But I think we are getting better with each one.

      As far as Hilah’s head-bobbing goes, though, that’s something that I’m not sure all my directorial powers can control.

  2. I love Hilah Cooking and can’t wait to see next week’s episode. And where exactly can I purchase a Hilah Bobble Head? She’s going front and center on the dash of my Nissan.

    Yours TRULY,

  3. AWESOME! Yes, I need to figure out how to make Hilah bobble heads! That is a great merch idea and you’ll get a free one for being so brilliant.

    Although, when you watch next week’s episode, you’ll notice that her head doesn’t bobble as much when she has a hangover.

    1. Thanks, Kevin! Positive feedback makes it worth all the work. We’re having a lot of fun with it, but have definitely been putting in the hours. Hopefully, you will see the show get even better as we gradually figure out what we’re doing. And thanks a million for the post on your blog!

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