The Spider Babies is wrapped…

Polly puts on eyelinerI am working on a much longer post about THE SPIDER BABIES for later this week, but here is a quick update. Principal photography is wrapped. We managed to get about 80% of the script in the can. We are now in the process of cutting together what we shot, assembling a trailer and figuring out the logistics and finances of getting the rest of the movie shot.

Ethel eyelinerIt’s definitely disappointing to make it through such a challenging shoot and end up with only part of a movie in the can. The good news is that the footage and performances are spectacular. I am so proud of what we pulled off and it continues to astound me that we were able to put together such an amazing team for this project.

Greta DrinksI will go into lots more detail later this week. Meanwhile enjoy these screen shots of The Spider Babies getting ready for their rock show.

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  1. Looking good, Beau. Looks like you have gotten WordPress figured out.

    One idea: You could create separate posts for your each of your projects and embed your Vimeo movies and write a little text about each one. Then link your PROJECTS button to the “projects” category and it will show all of them as a page. That will keep people (prospective clients!) on your site longer and also gives search engines something to latch onto.

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