Current Projects

HILAH COOKING (Producer/Director – 2010 to present)

Short-form, educational, and occasionally hilarious cooking videos geared towards beginner and intermediate cooks, as well as people who are just looking for simple, low-cost recipes.

Winner: YouTube Next Chef, 2010 Austin Blogger Awards – Blog of the Year

Featured In: Nylon Magazine, Austin Chronicle, New York Food Film Festival, Poor Taste Magazine

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Previous Projects
THE SPIDER BABIES (Writer, Director – 2009)

The Spider Babies is a feature-length action-thriller about a three-girl punk rock band on a concert tour across the United States when an mysterious apocalyptic event throws the world into chaos. Complications arise when their tour bus runs out of fuel leaving them stranded and under attack from zombie-like mutants. Now they must find guns, food and fuel before they can get back on the road and back to civilization. [For more information, check out the official Spider Babies site.]

SEX MACHINE (Producer, Director, Writer & Editor – 2006)

Sex Machine - Frank and broken mirror

WINNER: Best Local Film – deadCENTER Film Festival
WINNER: Best Thriller – MicroCinema Fest

Sex Machine is my first feature length film. It currently distributed by Anthem Pictures. You can find a copy at your local video store, but it is also available through Amazon, Netflix and Blockbuster Online. [For more information check out the official Sex Machine site.]

Christopher Sharpe short films

FTFN’T (Director of Photography – 2008)

Directed by Craig Matthew Staggs. A best-selling “man-lationship” author fumbles through relationships and break-ups as he works on a new book. [More Information]

RUBY MAE (Editor – 2008)

Directed by Briana McKeague. Ruby Mae has a dead end job, an abusive boss and a crush on a boy who wears a man-kilt. The film is a surrealist record of a day in which she dreams of vengeance and of finding true love.

JERRY! (Director of Photography, Editor – 2008)

A group of losers with no friends and no jobs wants desperately to become “cool.” They decide that all their problems will be solved if they can win a Battle of the Bands competition. Despite no musical talent, they start a band inspired by their favorite movie: Jerry Maguire. JERRY! follows the story of their struggle to find drugs, learn to play instruments and put on a rock show. Produced by and starring the Austin comedy group Big Ol’ Tire Fire.



Directed by Shogo. A Beautiful Day For A Daydreamwas shot in Japan and edited in Austin, TX. Several hard drives racked up lots of frequent flyer mileage. Due to some problems with the investors, I’m unsure if this one will every see the light of day, but the final cut was a cute piece of romantic pop. This was a good warm-up for Love Minus Zero which will be our first feature produced entirely in Japan. [More Info.]

ROADSIDE GOSPEL (Editor – 2007)

Roadside Gospel

Directed by Kate Stryker. This documentary follows the journey of Mike Pierce, a preacher and musician, as he carries an enormous cross on his back. He makes the pilgrimage from Houston to Austin every year and this year Kate followed him with a camera. [More Info.]

EXILE (Co-Producer, Assistant Director & Editor – 2006)


Directed by Shogo. Exile is the third film in a thematic trilogy of atmospheric Japanese art films shot in the white trash wastelands of Oklahoma.

CLOUD SYMPHONY (Assistant Director & Editor – 2004)

Cloud Symphony

WINNER: Best Cinematography 2005 MicroCinema Fest

Directed by Shogo. Cloud Symphony is a beautifully photographed, very atmospheric short film. To my knowledge it’s the only Japanese language art-film produced in Oklahoma. This was directed by my frequent collaborator Shogo Nakagawa and I served as Assistant Director and Editor. In many ways, this is the project that really got the ball rolling. After this we began to move away from experimental short films and decided to focus more on narrative projects that not only looked good but that would be compelling to an audience.

Christopher Sharpe music videos

SMASHING IN BLUE (Director, Director of Photography, Editor – 2007)

Smashing in Blue zombie music videoWINNER: Best Short Film – 2007 Dismember the Alamo Zombie Film Festival

Zombies are living among us… and they are taking the jobs of hard-working Americans. As unemployment rises, tempers boil in suburbia. Things do not end well. Produced in conjunction with Big Ol’ Tire Fire.

MICROVISION (Co-Producer, Assistant Director & Editor – 2005)

American Boyfriends - Microvision music video

A music video for the Oklahoma City band AMERICAN BOYFRIENDS.