YouTube Black Book is now Available

ytblackbook-3DI announced at the end of last year that I was about to release a book all about my experiences creating YouTube channels. You may remember that I even sent out an email asking for your questions so I could make sure I wasn’t missing anything important.

I really had been working hard on the book for several months. By late January, I was finally at the finish line… but then … I choked.

Everything was finished except for the conclusion. Two or three paragraphs and a click of the EXPORT button are all that stood in the way of it being launched it into the world. But instead of doing that, I shut everything down and hoped nobody would remember that I said I was going to release a book.

Fortunately, YOU remembered. And you kept sending me emails asking if the book was ever going to be released.

In one of these emails, somebody called me out as potentially suffering from Imposter Syndrome. I hadn’t heard of it so I looked it up. Here’s how Wikipedia describes it:

… a psychological phenomenon in which people are unable to internalize their accomplishments. Despite external evidence of their competence, those with the syndrome remain convinced that they are frauds and do not deserve the success they have achieved. Proof of success is dismissed as luck, timing, or as a result of deceiving others into thinking they are more intelligent and competent than they believe themselves to be.

Nailed it!

Imposter System had completely crippled me when it came to writing about YouTube stuff. It’s even responsible for the lack of blog posts here.

That email diagnosing me hit my inbox just as I was finishing up my YouTube Certification and I actually thought about it as I was finishing the final exam. I was blazing through the answers and feeling pretty good about myself. And I realized that I really needed to finish the YouTube Book.

After not having looked at it for months, I opened the book file again and read it. To my surprise, it was pretty awesome. And so close to being finished that it was ridiculous. I got back to work … added a few new sections, … updated everything … and finally wrote the conclusion.

I really couldn’t have finished it without the amazing amount of help from Hilah. She read and edited multiple rounds of revisions and gave an incredible amount of general help and encouragement. (She also may have written the sections on Instagram and Pinterest.)

So I’m happy to announce that YouTube Black Book is now available as an Amazon Kindle Book. If you don’t have a Kindle, you can read it on your phone or on a computer. I wanted to make this book affordable for and accessible for everybody who wants to read it — but I also wanted to use it to test out some theories I have about Amazon.

This book is designed to pick up where all the “official” YouTube training leaves off. It focuses more on the big picture rather than specific tactics. It also goes into a lot of detail behind-the-scenes of both the Hilah Cooking and Yoga With Adriene channels.

You’ll get free updates forever. I plan to update this book at least once a year.

So grab a copy. Tell your friends. And let me know what you think!

Thank you!

If the book is helpful to you, please take a minute and leave a review on Amazon. It will really help out a lot!

22 Replies to “YouTube Black Book is now Available”

  1. Christopher;
    I really like what I’ve read about your book so far, unfortunately I do not own a kindle. Is there a chance that you might be publishing the book as an ePub in the future? As a technology agnostic I don’t support narrow platforms like the Kindle.
    I prefer the open sourced method where I can read the publication on my device when and how I want to. Your thoughts?

  2. Hey, Christopher – just finished reading your book, “YouTube Black Book”. Great read, great detail. I’ve been on YouTube since 2005 and learned a ton from your book – specifically what the new frontier of YT, YT creators and advertising might look like. There are some great resources in the book that really help brainstorm my YT direction going forward. Congrats on your upcoming family edition. As a father of 4 young boys, you’d better catch up on your sleep…NOW! I’m in Austin, too. I’ll leave a review on Amazon for your book.

    – Scott

    1. Hey Scott – Thanks for the comment and very happy to hear you enjoyed the book. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help. I’m working on some fitness specific stuff right now. But as you predicted – the baby arrival totally steamrolled all my plans. At least temporarily. Getting back in action now.

  3. This was very interesting insight–I came upon Hilah Cooking when it was already growing, but because of that I found out about Yoga with Adriene (I don’t even remember how that happen–did Hilah mention it or something?). Anyway, so I got to see the growth of that from the very beginning, how a channel starts. I’m not into Yoga, but I’d pop in and see maybe 2000, 5000, subscribers. Fast forward and I pop in again and it now has more subscribers than Hilah Cooking?! How did that happen?? So it was very fascinating reading about how that was created and built up.

    1. Hey Steven – Thanks for the comment. I am working on a more detailed write-up but basically I had refined the “traffic engine” method detailed in the book. There were some really good high volume keywords involved but also a lot of time spent building the community and the email list. We recently combined all those for a big 30 Days of Yoga push that started in January and have added almost 100,000 new subs since the beginning of the year.

  4. Hi,

    I was looking for your book on Amazon and noticed it was Kindle based. Your post above advises it will also be available by other means i.e. .PDF…do you have a link/details?


    1. Jamie – Thanks for your comment! The PDF is not available yet. We just had a baby and between that and our big 30 Days of Yoga project that is just now wrapping up, I have been too busy to finish formatting it. Should have outsourced it but things have been crazy over here. It’s next on my list and it will be completely revised and expanded. The Kindle version was really something I could get out there quick to see if there was actually any interest.

  5. I just posted a review to Amazon with similar thoughts. I really like the honesty of this book. Chris clearly spells out the hard work, the ups and downs, the failures and the lessons and the successes. It also puts YouTube in the context of streaming as an overall distribution model. I learned (I think) that for the series we’re launching, YouTube may not be the best choice. It seems you really need to template things and keep costs down so that you can churn out something every week – and have a personality or two to identify with. Our series is more like a NOVA science show with higher production costs and a variety of characters. While PBS is still the most likely distribution model, trying to see what’s out there in this world as well. We’ll see where we land, but of all the books about YouTube that we’ve recently read, this really painted the picture the best and didn’t assume you had a baseline knowledge of YouTube. There are many like us in traditional television trying to find alternative distribution models. This is evolving territory, but would love to learn what you think of the current landscape – and where you think a kids science series could find a home in the world beyond traditional TV.

  6. I found the book incredibly inspirational. Currently going through a challenging patch similar to what you described in the book. I got a huge amount of inspiration and new ideas from this book. Thank you!

  7. Christopher: I’ve read and loved your book! Could you tell me how to find your youtube channel? I’m just starting out on my channel and would like to know if you could be one of my subscribers.


    Joanne Gorodisch

  8. I wanted to buy this book but I apparently got there a week too late as it’s not sold in the US anymore. When do you think it will be available again on

  9. Hey, reading the book….bought the Kindle edition and read it on a Windows 10 laptop and iPad mini…. Curious about the launch checklist….sounds handy but where can we download it?

    Also, does the Kindle eBook automatically update to the newer version and if not, how can we tell which version we have? (Edition number? Publish date?…..)

  10. Dude! Can we please get a PDF version of this book. I just purchased it from Amazon in their stupid kindle format, which I hate.

    Please help!

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