YouTube Channel Growth Chart

YouTube channel Growth
This is a chart showing the growth of the Hilah Cooking YouTube channel growth since we started. The Blue line is the average of our daily video views. I’ve left off the specific numbers because the big picture is what I want to show here.

  1. It took us a LONG time (and a lot of videos) before anything significant started to happen. Almost 2 years. But things were growing and we were building a solid foundation. If we had gotten discouraged and quit after the first year, we would have missed out on a lot of really exciting things.
  2. Spikes from viral videos are exciting but can be misleading. The important thing is continued growth. The first really big blue spike was for our Chick-Fil-Gay video. I could NOT believe our numbers when that was happening. But now a few months later, our regular months with no big “hits” are about to equal what happened back then.
  3. It wasn’t until December 2012 that we started to implement the strategies I wrote about in How to increase YouTube views. It seemed like a huge pain in the ass to go through and optimize all our videos, but based on this chart it seems to have paid off.

The Takeaway: If you love what you’re doing, don’t give up.

5 Replies to “YouTube Channel Growth Chart”

  1. I’ve been doing this for about a year. I work in a professional kitchen but love making my videos. I’m trying to implement some of the strategies you have previously discussed because I have very few subscribers and very few views :). I think I’ll commit to one more year and see what happens in year two.

    By the way, Chris, you’re doing a great job. Much success to you, Hilah, and Adrian and thanks for sharing this information.

    1. Hey Kendra – Thanks for reading and thanks for your comment. I think you should definitely stick it out another year and see what happens. 1,000 subscribers seems like the first big hump to get over and you’re almost there. I predict your Filet-o-Fish sandwich video is going to do really well. I’ve had something similar on our list of foods to make for awhile and you totally beat us to it! It looks great!

  2. Hey, Chris.

    As a filmmaker wanting to produce my own web series, it’s very inspiring to see how much Hilah Cooking has grown. Awesome work!

    Also, I’ve been meaning to ask: What microphone are you using for Hilah Cooking? Is it still the cheap $20 wired lav? If so is plugged directly into your 60D or do you have an external recorder?

    Thanks ahead of time!

    1. Hey KC, Thanks for stopping by and thanks for your comment.

      We have upgraded our mic to a Sennheiser Wireless Evolution lavalier kit. It was pricey but really worth it. I lost the connector cord recently and we had to shoot an episode with the wired lavalier and it was pretty terrible to go back to now that we know how much easier it is to work with a wireless set up.

      I do still have it plugged directly in to the 60D. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about and researching pre-amps and all of that but for now, I’m pretty happy with how things are working.


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