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YouTube PodcastIn case you missed it, I started a new YouTube podcast a few weeks ago. It’s called Audio on Video. We just released the 9th episode.

Like a lot of my “personal” projects, this one is an idea that I’ve had on the back burner for over two years. I actually bought the domain name while I was sitting in a cubicle at my last day job. So I’ve had a lot of time to think about it and the important thing is that it’s now available.

The concept of an audio podcast about internet video might seem a little strange. My goal with this show is to bring you the stories of successful YouTuber creators that are a little bit under-the-radar.

When we were first starting out, I didn’t know anybody with a YouTube channel and I felt like an idiot any time I tried to explain so somebody what I did for a living. But, over time I started to meet lots of people who have done amazing things on YouTube – including used their channel as a foundation to build some some pretty incredible businesses. Now, I want to share these stories with you. The show will be a mix of interviews, strategy and probably a few episodes where we just geek out about cameras and editing software.

Here are a few highlights from the first batch of episodes that are pretty great places to start:

EPISODE ZERO: Hilah Cooking

In this episode, Hilah turns the tables and interview ME about how we got started on YouTube. Lots of never-before-revealed stories about our early days and even some background on my early entrepreneurial endeavors.

EPISODE ONE: Yoga With Adriene

This is an interview from 2015 (that’s how long I’ve been contemplating this podcast) where Adriene and I discuss Yoga With Adriene just as things were starting to heat up for that business. We had wrapped up our first 30 Days of Yoga series and had just ranked #1 for “yoga” on YouTube. We discuss the creation of the channel and what our plans were for taking it to the next level.

EPISODE FOUR: Very Pink Knits

An interview with Staci Perry – YouTube’s knitting superstar. Staci talks about starting her channel and how she used it as a foundation to build a thriving business. This is our most popular episode yet!

EPISODE FIVE: Cartoon Block

Evan Burse was already working his dream job as an animator for Marvel when he launched his YouTube Channel. He’s since expanded from free drawing tutorials to an online Academy. There are some amazing stories in this episode including a detailed account of the unconventional way Evan broke into the animation industry.

Here are a few links to Subscribe to the show on your platform of choice. And if you like it, please leave a review in Apple Podcasts or Google Play. It really helps out a lot.

I hope you enjoy this new YouTube podcast. Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think!

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